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Ferera Swan is a recording artist, songwriter, composer, pianist, violinist, member of Women In Music and GRAMMY voting member of The Recording Academy.  


Today, the Austin, Texas-based cinematic-pop artist is boldly emerging from a transformative time of reclamation with a series of elegantly-produced singles brimming with hard truths. Sharing her personal story through music as an artist and adoptee, Ferera is passionate about raising awareness around adoption, mental health and trauma in support of more ethical practices and evolving society's current adoption narrative through education and advocacy. Her music gives fans a brand-new perspective on this artist from the inside out: uncovering the internal struggles and ongoing healing journey through unfiltered honesty, Ferera reveals an intimate collection of messages relevant to all of us, reaching the hearts of all listeners.  


To date, Ferera has released two albums under previous artist names; written, co-produced, co-engineered, and arranged music for other artists in varying genres, and has worked as a session musician in a variety of contexts. Select career highlights include composing her instrumental piece, “Lighthouse,” for the film documentary Swim For The Reef that was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France, and recording vocals and voice-over work for various commercial jingles including a national advertisement for Old Navy. Ferera has also been a featured guest performing live on radio and on television in the Austin, Texas region.

Writing her first song at age 10 after officially learning that she was adopted, Ferera poured her unanswered questions into music. Classically trained with the Suzuki Method, she began piano lessons at age 3, violin at age 6, and began writing piano pieces by age 12. By age 17, she composed her first cinematic score titled, “Serenity.” The piece was premiered by four high school orchestras and piano after winning a district festival composition contest her senior year. She has written with Pam Sheyne (Genie In A Bottle, Christina Aguilera) and worked with Ramy Antoun (former Seal drummer & founder of A&F Drum Co.), and multi-platinum Grammy award-winning mixing engineer Bob Horn;  F. Reid Shippen, Randy Merrill, and Jacob Hildebrand. 

Bridging music and activism for adoptee rights, social change, and collective healing, Ferera has channeled her trauma into a creative and personal rebirth. “Some of our greatest gifts can be found in our deepest pain. Explore what hurts, and find yourself."

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