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  • Ferera Swan

Spiritual Beliefs, Trauma, and Toxic Positivity

Believing all things are connected is an inner knowing I’ve always had rather than something I’ve come to know over the course of life. My spiritual beliefs have evolved with ongoing learning, yet many things continue to present their meaning along my journey, validating that inherent belief.

When it comes to trauma and any role it may or may not play, this shouldn’t be for anyone else - but the person with that lived experience - to define. When we tell others their suffering was somehow “meant to be”, though well-meaning, it can be hurtful and dismissive. Sitting with others in their pain often forces us to face our own—most of us weren’t encouraged to embrace or understand difficult emotions, which makes sense that toxic positivity would be so prevalent in our society.

Instead of attempting to put a positive spin on someone’s reality, I’d invite us to trust in their own wisdom. Offering empathy and validation can go a long way—not just for others but for ourselves as well.

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